Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Vital Rain Product Review

I was given the opportunity to review some products produced by Vital Rain. The thing that drew me to this company, other than the people who run it are amazing, is that their products are 100% plant derived and toxin free. You can read and pronounce every single ingredient on their products.

I'm sure that most people think, "They gave you free stuff, of course you'll say that you love it." That has never been the case in the past, nor will it ever be the case in the future. When I wrote my horse blog, there were a few times that I got products and was not that impressed. I did contact the company, told them my thoughts and did offer to NOT write about it. 

When we landed in Pennsylvania, the products were at my parents house waiting for us. I've used them daily since then on the Bug and myself. We were given the opportunity to try their Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, Tushie Ointment, Mineral and Dead Sea Bath Salts, and Quick Heal

The first product we used was the Tushie Ointment. In the middle of the night, right after we got home, Bug somehow got a rash on his leg. His jams came unbuttoned, and he had peed through is diaper. His little legs rubbed together and chaffed. I guess that's what happens when you have chubby little legs, not that I'd know. It was red and swollen and looked so painful. I first put some of the Quick Heal on it and then the Tushie Ointment. 

Poor Bug's leg
I decided to stick with the Tushie Cream since it had coconut oil in it, and was for a rash. The whole thing was cleared up by the next day! I was impressed. I did manage to use the Quick Heal for myself. If you know me in real life, you know I have weird allergies to weird things. I had used some cream for chapstick when we landed, and my lips became red and swollen and super dry. If they didn't hurt so bad, it would have been an awesome way to get some enhancement. I wasn't sure what to put on them since the last time this happened (because of course I'd try this same stupid trick twice) it took three of four days and they hurt the entire time. I figured the Quick Heal was for healing, right? Why not. I put it on three times and it cut my healing time in half. Within a day and a half they were no longer red and swollen. Good to know since I'm sure I'll do the same stupid thing again. 

I almost feel like I can't give the next two products a proper review. They are lavender scented, and I love the smell SO MUCH that they could have not worked at all and I'd still love them. I used the Shampoo on Bug and have to say that it lathers up much better than I expected, and even better than the shampoo I was using. The smell is divine and it left his squeaky clean. What more does a momma want? I love that I can read everything on the label and that it is tear free. Bug smelled so good after his bath that I didn't want to put him to bed. Poor kid. Doesn't like snuggles to begin with, and he had his momma sniffing his head for an extra ten minutes.

The last product that I reviewed, I used my own way. The directions on the container said to put it into your bath, or to use it on your hands by the sink.  I took it into the shower and used it as a scrub. O-M-G! My gross winter skin felt AMAZING after my own personal spa treatment. It was amazing. 

When I read reviews I always think somethings "up" when the entire thing is one big glowing recommendation. So I'll add this. I didn't realize that the label wasn't water proof, and it made me sad when I put it in the shower with me and ruined it! Opps. 

I love Vital Rain and will definitely be ordering more of it soon! 

Want a chance to try Vital Rain yourself? For followers of my blog, you can enter to win a Tushie Cream Ointment AND Shampoo! (I might enter myself!) The contest ends Sunday night at Midnight (and if the Seahawks lose, it might take a day or two for me to recover and hit the "select a winner button." ) There are 7 chances to enter! It's easy to enter. Click on each arrow and follow the directions. If you already follow the blog page, you still need to click on the arrows! Good Luck!! 


  1. These ALL sound amazing!! Love the smell of lavender!

  2. Sounds like lovely stuff and I have terrible sensitive red head skin.

  3. I entered to win. I can win right? Anyway....this stuff sounds awesome. I'm going to cross my fingers and hope I win!!

  4. I'd love to try this. I was setting up my registry for the baby and had a hard time finding naturally based baby products. A lot of them have chemicals and parabens in them.

  5. I too have weird allergies to weird things. The birch around here about kill me every.single.summer. I'm going to just have to move to Hawaii or the Bahamas. (darn!)
    I would love to try any of their products! Especially ones for the kids.