Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bug's World

Who really writes this blog...

Our driveway

Welcome to my world. This kid is up on everything. EVERYTHING. Nothing is safe. It's a good thing he is so cute! I guess we need to baby proof at SOME point. I had my last knitting class tonight, so consequentially my hands are tired so no long post. I have a "thing" on my head that I guess you could call a hat, and I'm going to bed. No one is going to read what I write anyway. There is a BUG VIDEO. Chicken, duck, hen...see. No one cares! Cheers and enjoy! 


  1. No time in my life for a baby I get my baby fix from your adorable kid!

  2. ...goose, gander, gosling ... turkey! Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for your enjoyable, easy-to-read blogs! :)
    See, someone does read them. ;)
    Cute Bug with a whale butt! :)