Monday, November 18, 2013

Case of the Mondays

Let me be truthful. I often forget what day of the week it is. It is either a day that hubby IS home (weekend) or it's a day that hubby ISN'T home.

If it COULD go wrong today, it did.

Bug woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Today was the first day in a while that he WOULD NOT LET ME PUT HIM DOWN. I couldn't even go pee! He hasn't really gotten over his cold, so I called the doctor (again) today and talked to the consulting nurse. She told me to bring him in. UGH. Between him being sick, well child check ups, and vaccines (which I get for him one or two at a time) we are there A LOT. So much so that Bug has a girlfriend (aka-Nurse) that he recognizes and he LOVES HER. Let's be honest. He's a flirt. He loves everyone, but I don't want to break it to her that she's not the only one.

Before we left for the appointment I wanted to give a Christmas gift one last iron. I had Bug in the Ergo on my back (because there was NO putting him down.) It was almost done and I accidentally hit my scissors which were on the ironing board, but didn't pay attention quick enough. Next thing I knew my whole project was covered in black plastic. ROAR. Poor Bug heard words that I have been trying to not say.

After that disaster we packed up and left the house to drive into town. On our way there I was driving up the hill, but my car wasn't going anywhere. Ice Road Truckers strikes again. I am glad that I grew up in Pennsylvania so I at least have somewhat of an idea of what to do on ice. My car even has a warning light to tell you that it is sliding-Duh! I would have had NO CLUE that my car was sliding...NONE! It's a good thing there was a warning light.

There has been one spot on Farmers Loop (the road we take into town) that has had 4 accidents that have JUST happened in the 6 times I have driven past it. I go just fast enough to continue forward momentum, but that is about it. Today was no different. Two big trucks deep in the snow. That makes their Monday worse than mine! I get so worried about Bug in the car and the ice. My car doesn't have the anchors in the middle seat, so I have him behind the passenger's seat. I wish I could just wrap him in bubble wrap!

Bug has a sinus infection....He also weighs 20 pounds 1 ounce. He also has thrush. Again. ROAR!!!!! Seriously. Poor kid can't get a break. No wonder he's being such a crabby Bug.

While Bug was taking his last nap of the day I started baking some cookies. Part way through mixing them Bug woke up. I ran to get him and came back out. I COULD NOT REMEMBER WHERE I LEFT OFF. I knew how much butter, and I had the flour and baking powder sifted in another bowl. For the life of me I couldn't remember how much sugar I had put in. I kept trying to "make it work" but after the test pan came out of the oven I gave up. I'm going to try to use it for a pie tomorrow (it will be done!!)

SO MUCH CRYING TODAY. Bug was upset too.

In other fun news, and because I know he will NEVER tell anyone this, my husband is a finalist in a contest. I nominated him in October for the Stormy Kromer Living Legend. I never mentioned it to him, but he got a call today to ask permission to be in the contest. I wish I could have seen his face! I'll let you know when voting is opened (November 25th) and will then promptly drive you nuts to vote.


  1. I probably shouldn't ask this, but how do babies get thrush? I didn't get the impression that Bug had hooves.

    1. Right!? I was like 'Thush, I can treat thrush' then realized he had no hooves (thankfully!) It's from his antibiotics. Think of it as a yeast infection in his mouth (you are welcome for that lovely visual!)

  2. It's what happens when you live in a cave under a rock--I had never heard of Stormy Kromer. Loved the video on the website of how the caps are made. I'll vote early and often!

    1. Thanks! I've lived in a cave under a rock for YEARS. It's a nice place!

  3. I hate days where nothing goes right.....I don't handle being frustrated very well. Poor little is so hard to have a sick baby, and there's nothing worse than a baby that stays sick! He's lucky to have a mom that can be the one that takes care of him (in addition to his nurse girlfriend) of the benefits of being a stay at home, blogging mom right now.

    That's AMAZING that Adam is a finalist....I had never actually heard of the company before either , but I'll be sure to vote for him!!!