Monday, November 4, 2013

Holdiay Bazaar and Bug's Gift

Saturday Bug and I met up with our new friends to go to a Holiday Bazaar. It was super fun, and Bug LOVED checking everything out. He really enjoys when he isn't in his stroller, and I wear him. I had him in the Baby Bjorn facing out, which is pretty much his favorite thing ever.

While walking around I saw a sweatshirt that I thought was adorable. It was $44.00 though, and a bit steep for my blood. I talked to the owner about her designs and as I was talking to her, Bug reached out and grabbed the sweatshirt.... AND PROMPTLY WIPED HIS SNOTTY NOSE ALL OVER IT.


The owner just stared at me.


I smiled and quickly forked out $44.00 and made a mental note that he can now pretty much reach anything I have. Expensive lesson.

He has pretty good taste though don't you think!? I told him it's my birthday present from him.

I'll fill you in on my "Parent of the Year" behavior on Tuesday.


  1. Will Adam really believe that story? :-p

  2. He was just trying to help you get something cute for yourself... Yes I am sure that was it!

    1. He's a VERY giving kid. He likes to give me lots of snot, poop, fun things like that. :)

  3. That is hysterical! I have heard "break it you buy it" but "snot it you buy it" is a new one :)