Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! It is one of my favorite holidays so I was super excited to show it to Bug and start building traditions with him, even though he's 6 months old. Why not right? Well, I did not take into account that Bug, his daddy, and myself would all be sick. Oh well. I'll just leave you with some photos. 

"What do you mean we're going to cut it."

" NO. Please don't cut it!!" 

"Wait...we're suppose to cut it?" 

"I'll hold cut." 

"Never mind, I'll just watch and eat this bat." 

Bug also got a 1/2 birthday present in the mail from his Great Aunt. He was pretty excited about the box! He was NOT happy when I cut it open for him.

"Tastes good!" 

He liked the presents too!

We were able to carve his pumpkin. We wanted to do this earlier in the week, but with all of us being under the weather, it was difficult. Oh well. We got it done!!

Bug LOVED the inside of the pumpkin.

Bug went as a sick baby for Halloween. Pretty convincing hu?

Bug's daddy has a fever now and is feeling sick. As much as I feel bad for him I'm praying that Bug doesn't catch that! He hasn't gotten a flu shot yet. I hope he's doing well enough on Monday when he goes for shots so he can get it. 

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