Sunday, November 3, 2013

Santa Letters

I finally found a positive of living in Alaska! (Okay. There is more than this one.)  I live about 10 miles from North Pole, Ak. A few of my friends are mailing me letters to send from North Pole from Santa. One of my friends said, "You should charge people for this." 

Humm.... I looked online and saw that there are people who do this, but so far NONE are from North Pole (there is a store that does this BIG, but also a lot more money.) 

So, for $5.00 per letter ( with 10% going to the Wounded Warrior Project) I am writing letters from Santa. I won an award in 2nd grade for my handwriting, so this TOTALLY qualifies me to write letters. Right? 

A lot of my friends have been amazing and have share the link. I really appreciate that! So, you will rarely see me asking you to share stuff or like my Facebook page, BUT if you have friends, family, etc. that might be interested in it, feel free to share this. Click on the pictures above for the link. 

OR I have the link on my Facebook page. 


  1. This is such a great idea, Brooke! I'll post something on my blog about it this week.

  2. I just asked my cousin if I could order one for her 3 year old and I think I will order one for my 14 year old (it will be interesting to see his reaction!). This is a great idea!

    1. I would LOVE to see your 14 year olds reaction!!

    2. I placed an order for two, one for the 3 year old and one for my 14 year old. We are working on the text for them.

      When my cousin asked her daughter what she wanted, she said she wanted either help or donate to a bunny rescue! I have found 3 rabbit rescues in their area and will decide which one to donate to. If they are game, I am going to have them send a thank you to her letting her know Santa heard her wish. :)

    3. Just saw this! Thank you! I still want to see the face of your 14 year old!!

  3. I FINALLY put the text in the eBay system - sorry I let time get away from me!