Wednesday, October 9, 2013

At It Again

My poor husband. He has to put up with me and the stupid things I do. I have been telling him for about a month now that I wanted a weed eater. Tuesday I stopped by the transfer station. The same guys who are there all the time were hanging out by their cars (sadly, I'm afraid there's another girl out there writing a blog about the girl in the Ford Ranger who is always at the Transfer Station.) I decided to do a quick spin. I'm always looking for things for my garden, and hoping to get ideas for my future greenhouse.

While walking around I noticed a weed eater. It was next to a woman's pile, so I assumed that it was hers. I'm not exactly an aggressive person when it comes to picking up junk. It's junk, but still fun to look.  It did look nice, and it was electric (so I figured it had a better chance of working.) I ended up asking her if it was hers. She had a big old pile she was going through. She told me to take it, and if it doesn't work, bring it back. Brilliant lady. It didn't dawn on me to do that.

Guess what! It works! I can't wait to cut stuff down. Also in my haul were two trellises that match one I already have for my garden. A window for my non-existent-still-in-planning-stages-greenhouse, a beautiful blue pot to plant herbs in the spring AND a lawn mower. Yes, I've lost it. I hang with a 5 month old. Give me a break. I love free stuff. It's like the free section of Craigslist, but without the interaction with people. Perfect! I guess some people take stuff and sell it. I could never do that. Bad karma. 

Does the lawn mower work? Nope. It looks brand new, so I'm going to try to get it going. I'm sure I can Google small engine repair. My poor dad is going to think I'm nuts when I call him and ask him to talk me through fixing it. Another reason that FaceTime is awesome. (Sorry Dad.)

**Edit**Called dad twice today. I think he knows what's up and is ignoring me. :) (Kidding...kinda)

Do we need a lawn mower? Not right now. Hell, it's snowing. I just really want to get it started. Why not. I can get it going and take it back if we don't need it.  Have I ever fixed an engine before? No. How hard can it be? I mean seriously. I'm sure I can Google it, or something...right?


  1. I have to say that you bring dose of humor to my morning computer time.....I love reading about your trips to the transfer station and everything else you are doing. I never knew you had these fix-it abilities and desires for a garden and greenhouse!