Thursday, October 3, 2013

F is for ....


My husband works for the Federal Government, and as a result is home! While, yes, that does suck and the lack of paycheck has me a "little" worried, it is super fun to have him home. Bug is really happy to see his daddy all day. It's so cute. It seems like he can't get enough of us both.

Today we went to the museum at the University of Alaska. There is a new Children's Museum, and even though Bug is 5 months old, we figured we'd let him check out the other kids. Just as all things, he loved it. There were some things there that he was able to do (ride a moose!) and play with some blocks. After he played for a while we went through the rest of the museum. It was really nice and I was impressed.

Bug seems to be taking less short naps during the day and one long nap in the afternoon. I have been exercising my mom card and have been napping when he naps. IT'S GLORIOUS!! I forgot what naps were like, but WOW, so fricking amazing.

After our glorious nap all three of us went out cranberry picking. Bug was so good and hung out while we picked berries. Just sat there in his hot pink snowsuit (it is awesome) sucking on Mr. Frog (aka-a life saver.)

We bought some cabinets yesterday from a man outside of town. They were used, dirty, and cheap. Just what we needed for the garage. Now we have to figure out how to hang said cabinets. That could be interesting! Neither of us have hung cabinets. My parents hung new ones when I was younger, but I'm pretty sure I just got in the way and drove them crazy.

We will see how that goes. Wish us luck.

Since I have no photos of todays activities I thought I'd share with you one bug, and one giant 6 pound kohlrabi.  I made a kohlrabi, carrot, ginger soup out of this bad boy. MAN was it good!!

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  1. I didn't know they had large vegetables in Alaska. I guess I somehow thought everyone subsisted on this crazy eskimo all-meat diet.