Monday, October 7, 2013

Baby Strike

Last weekend friends of ours who moved to Alaska (both are from Alaska, and transplanted to Seattle for 7 years give or take) came up from Anchorage to visit us. It was super exciting to have people from "home" come see us in our new home.

They got in Friday morning and we spent the day picking cranberries, playing with baby Bug, and the boys hung the cabinets we got in the garage (Fact: Husbands made that job look WAY easier than it was. More on that later.)

This weekend, with friends visiting and all, Bug decided to go on a nap strike. No way, no how was he going to go down for a nap. He reminded me of myself in college when I would try to make up for a semester of NOT studying right before a final. Boy was he a crank-face. A very cute crank-face, but still. It took my husband 3 hours to finally get him to fall asleep for his nap on Saturday. Later on Saturday night he grabbed the ear of a 4 year old and made him cry. Sigh...

 Sunday he reverted back to tiny-infant-days and would only nap if he was laying on someone. This time he found my husband to be the comfortable spot. Finally he fell asleep for his nap (about 5 hours late) at 4:30. He then slept until dinner (6 pm) and then back asleep until 8 pm, which at that point we decided to put him in bed. He normally goes to bed around 9:30, so I FULLY expect a 2 am dance party. I am always a VIP at those events, although with the furlough, his dad has been getting an invitation too. He's been sleeping SO WELL. I told someone how great he was doing which automatically means that I am screwed.

After he went down, I helped my husband hang the last of the cabinets in the garage. Things I learned:

1. I am the weakest human being alive.
2. Hanging cabinets looks easy. It's NOT!

It's not so much that hanging the cabinets was super difficult. It's that our house is built for Fairbanks winters. That means that when it's -50 (yes, -50, be jealous) the house needs to stay insulated and warm. That means the studs are IMPOSSIBLE to find and there is a VERY thick layer of insulation over the framing of the house. Luckily my husband and our friend figured out where to screw the cabinets into the wall. When I helped my husband, my job was to hold the cabinets. They were so fricking heavy! I was pretty convinced that I was going to die or drop the bagillion pound cabinet on the floor. I successfully didn't do that which makes me excited. We now have cabinets in the garage. Yay for storage.

We got water delivered on Saturday. Always exciting, especially when we realize that we have 50 gallons to use up before the truck shows up. Lots of laundry gets done, the dishwasher gets ran, and I get to take a nice long bath.

Hope you had a great weekend. Our friends left on Sunday night (insert sad face) but it was wonderful to see them.


  1. I still can't get over the water delivery. Sounds like you have a system worked out, but I've never even heard of such a thing.

  2. Too many people, too little time, OF COURSE he will stay up! And they do that as teenagers too. :)