Friday, October 4, 2013

One man's trash...

Is probably still trash, BUT IT'S ALL MINE.

I WILL NOT end up on Hoarders. I WILL NOT end up on Hoarders, I WILL NOT end up on Hoarders

Since we are now on day 3 of the Furlough I got to run some errands without Bug. I LOVE being around him, but sometimes it is just quicker. As I mentioned the other day I ran to the Transfer Station (aka-town garbage drop off site) while on my journey.


Yes...I love the dump. Remember that spot that people drop off items that someone else might find value in?




A Christmas Tree! A perfectly good, nothing wrong with it, lights still work, Christmas tree. I was so excited. There Mr. Tree just sat, and everyone was passing him over. I saw the value in him. Sure, I probably will end up getting a real tree, BUT how cute will a little tree be on my porch. OR I will find a family that can't afford one (and if this furlough keeps going that will be us....kidding...sort of...)

After my Christmas tree find, and I finished my rendition of Jingle Bells, I spotted another treasure. An end table. Sure the drawer was busted, and they tried to fix it with screws that stuck out...BUT still. I saw it's true beauty.

Once I got home and my husband finished shaking his head at me  greeted me he helped me unload my treasures. I promptly plugged in the Christmas tree and started singing (note: I am a HORRIBLE singer, so it was more of a torture session for my husband.)

Next he fixed my end table. He took out the screws and put in better ones and then drilled holes into the back. It is now our laptop holder! It is great since the cords are no longer in the way.

The other two pictures on the bottom are my finds from the other day. The ones on the left I'm going to use to plant herbs in next summer, and the plastic trays are to start my veggies!

Sadly Bug was napping and my husband had my unplug my tree. Bug will have to wait another month or so until he sees it in all its glory! He has however been staring at trees at the stores since August, probably not that big of a thrill for him.
Bug looking thrilled

Oh last thing...someone commented about the size of the vegetables. I bring you the 18# baby and the 18# cabbage. While there isn't a long summer, there is 20+ hours of light for a lot of it. :)

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  1. I forgot about the excessive light, lol. What a difference it makes. The transfer station sounds awesome.