Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lights Out

I'd like to think that even though Bug is a clone of his father that he takes after me in several ways. One, "hopefully" is his love of sleep. This morning I woke up at 9:30 (opps!) with a still sleeping Bug (he went down last night at 9:30.) I KNOW that now that I've written this, that he will start waking up every hour on the hour again. He did wake up at 7, but his dad heard him (I'm mother of the year) and got up with him, and Bug feel right back asleep. Aww. Sleep. I've missed you SO much. 

Since hubby is still furloughed, we can get some projects done around the house. A few weeks ago I bought a leaf blower at Lowes. The thing has come in handy. I think I've used it 6 times, and it never looks like I've make a dent. We've had some wind, so I "think" all the leaves are finally off of the trees. Today I went out to tackle them once and for all. 


After about 2 hours
I cleaned, raked, and blew the leaves for about two hours. The leaves on the right of the picture are on a bank, so not as high as it looks. Then it started to rain...then we lost power. I gave up! This is the second time that we've lost power in three weeks. We are now going to look at a generator.

After the power went out our tenant called me.

Tenant: "Is your power out?"

Me: "Did you pay your bill?"

Tenant: " I got a bill! When did I get a bill?"

Me: "You didn't, we don't have power either."


I am an awesome landlord. Seriously. I don't think he likes my sense of humor. I did figure out though that when power goes out, the heater in the cabin doesn't work. There is no way in good conscious that I can let him out there and freeze so at some point we might have a 22 year old on the couch at night.

Last week we bought cabinets for $15.00 per cabinet. they needed a good cleaning, and didn't all match, but were the best we could find on short notice. I wasn't about to spend $400 on cabinets for the garage.

Cabinets - Before

Here they are up on our walls. Like I said, it was really hard to hang cabinets on the walls, BUT they are up. I am not sure if we are going to paint them, or leave them as is. It sort of annoys me that they don't match. We are in the process of hanging peg board up under the cabinets on the left. Hubby built a work bench, so soon we'll have a great work space.

See the little blue sled? That's for Bug! It's the cutest damn thing. I can't (well, no, I can) wait for him to use it.


  1. You should be well prepared to handle power outages after living on cemetery hill for many years! I'm not sure why your tenant is not finding you humorous....I think it is important to find something to laugh about when you have no electricity! :)

  2. :p I think you're funny. Generator sounds like a most excellent idea.