Thursday, October 17, 2013

Parenting Picture Fail

It was low 50's yesterday in Fairbanks. Apparently, that's unheard of and after hearing stories from other fellow (don't feel like I'm considered "fellow" yet, but you know what I mean) Alaskans it's suppose to be snowing right now.

A week ago we offered our 22 year old year old tenant the opportunity to clean up the leaves in our yard. Let's just say he raked a few piles, and our rake was sitting outside his cabin for the past 5 days. I'm not confrontational, and I'd hate to say it, but sort of passive aggressive sometimes...SO I loudly raked the leaves.

Before we cleaned up the piles I thought it would be "cute" to take a picture of the Bug sitting (because he rocks at sitting now) in the leaves. You know, something to put on the Christmas card.

So I ran and got the "good" camera and we sat Bug on the edge of a pile of leaves. I got down, focused the camera and "snap."




This is what was in my viewfinder

Bug had taken that as the optimal time to roll. So, here is our "Happy Fall" shot. Looks pretty nice hu?



Oh well. He's still cute! 

**Note: No Bug was harmed in the making of these photographs**