Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Update!

Our weekend had a lot of "F's" involved. Food, Friends, Fun, Food (did I mention food?) Saturday morning my hubby and two of his friends went out moose hunting. No moose. Bug decided that he would practice being a teenager and slept in until 9:30! I wasn't really sure what to do with myself, so I got some cleaning and laundry done.

Bug has outgrown his 6 month clothes. I'm in the process of changing him over from one set to the next. He still has a FEW 6 month outfits that fit, but the 9 month ones fit a lot better. Plus, he has been wearing the same 3 outfits for a week or so.  I always get sad to change his clothes out, but remind myself that is a great thing. I'm very blessed that the Bug is growing big and strong.

Bug woke up and helped me finish getting ready for the day.

I L-O-V-E Halloween. I decided to use Pintrest (aka-my recipe book) to make some things for parties we were going to. I love icing. It was really hard to NOT eat the bowl of frosting before frosting the cupcakes. I can happily say that I didn't even try one part of the cupcakes until they were done.

Candy Corn Cupcakes

Cheese Ball 
Before going to parties we went to the Alaskan Federation of Natives to their bazaar. The art was amazing, and Bug loved looking at everything. We bought Bug a pair of mukluks made by an Elder. They are pretty amazing. He's getting them for Christmas, so I'll post a photo then. They are absolutely beautiful.

After the bazaar we went home and got ready to go to our first party. It was with Bug's friends from Mother Moose. He went as Bat-boy and looked super cute. I will never get tired of dressing him up in costumes.

For our second party he went as my frog. I love Duck Dynasty. My favorite episode is the one where Jase Robertson goes frog hunting in the golf course. SO, I went as Jase and Bug was my frog.

Bug's dad went as Luke Duke. He could also have doubled his costume as acting as his 23 year old self.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. If you're dressing up for Halloween what are you going as?

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