Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sick Day

Life has been exciting the past two days. OR NOT.

Early Tuesday AM I woke up sick to my stomach and slept for part of the night on the bathroom floor. I'm a horrible patient and know this. I'm not very nice either.

THANK GOD my husband has a job that he can call off. I do not know what I would have done if I had to take care of Bug while sick.

Wednesday AM I was hoping that I'd feel better because it was Mother Moose day. Bug loves it and I figured I wasn't contagious. Bug had other plans and woke up snotty and congested. I would not want a mom to bring a sick baby to story time, so I decided we'd call this one off.

Bug and I spent the day being lazy. I attempted to suck the snot out of his nose several times. Those nurses in the hospital make it LOOK SO EASY. It's not. It's like wresting an alligator. It reminded me of worming a horse or putting halters on unbroken horses. BOTH things I'm much better at!

Poor kid.

In other news Bug's "Big Boy" car seat came. He was 29" at his last appointment so I wanted to be ready for him when he is too big for his infant car seat. We went with the Britax Boulevard. Expensive, but good safety rating.

Where are his pants you ask? He puked all over himself and me. It was pants off dance off the rest of the afternoon. He's pretty excited about his new car seat. We played around it today and he sat in it. He seemed to like it.

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