Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I have seen this recipe floating around the interwebz for a while now. It was called "Two Ingredient Cookies." I was skeptical. How in the world could cookies taste good without sugar, butter, etc. IMPOSSIBLE.

but is it?

So, I tried this magical recipe. Sure, I added in chocolate chips, and craisins...and some cinnamon...and a dash of vanilla...but the initial recipe has just two ingredients. I just didn't want to believe that it would work.


2 old bananas to a cup of oats (give or take on the oats) and mix until it looks like batter. At this point I added in all my other stuff, and popped them in the oven for 15 minutes at 350. They were DELICIOUS. Next time I might make a few without the extra "stuff" to see how they taste, but I'd definitely make these again.


  1. I make these all the time with my over-ripe bananas. i add flax and chia seeds to them, dried fruit...kinda make an "energy bar" type deal...REALLY yummy for breakfast...heat up and spread some almond butter on top. YUM!

  2. Holy cow, these really work??? Hmmm.... I have about five old bananas in the freezer (yes, the skins are a lovely shade of black) that I couldn't bear to throw out. Thought about putting them in smoothies but haven't done it. Do you think if I thawed them out they'd work in this?

    (P.S. I am an old Denali reader, just started looking over here. Logan is a doll and I'm fascinated by you living in AK. Glad you are still writing!)