Monday, October 14, 2013

Why Archaeologist Husbands Rock

I finished my gardens a few weeks ago. We decided to get the fence in before the ground froze so they'd be ready to go in the spring. My loving husband spent more than half the day digging holes (beautiful holes mind you) to put in my fence posts I cut up (aka-downed Aspen trees.) The poor guy got them all done and then we stood back and realized--it's not going to work. If we wanted no yard at all and a GIANT fence then, sure, it would be okay. SO, my husband's beautiful test pits holes will get filled in tomorrow (or sometime) and then we're back to square one.

Oh well. Sorry honey. Another reason Archaeologist husbands rock? OTHER than digging perfect holes...The older something is, the better they like it. :)
Fence posts in....No Bueno.

He caught a raccoon while getting a post
We took Bug to Mother Moose today. He failed in the sharing department. Opps. He's 5 months, hopefully that gets better. If he keeps grabbing toys and laying on them to keep them, and screaming when other kids try to play with them too, he isn't going to have any friends. 

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