Friday, October 18, 2013

Cats for Sale

well....not really....(though check back!)

I've always had dogs. Growing up I was so deathly allergic to cats I could tell by walking into a house if a cat had ever lived there. EVER. A few Septembers ago I begged hubby to foster and to make a long story short, and thanks to allergy shots, I now own two cats.

They evoke two emotions in me. Pure Love, or .... well, I won't write the other one....lots of swear words are involved. Cats are smart you see. Super smart. Nittany has my husband wrapped so tightly around her paw that I am pretty sure she sees me at the "other woman" and follows him around like a lost puppy.

Boone is more standoffish. I find that surprising since we've had him since he was 5 weeks old. We fostered him and his entire litter (SO CUTE---SO MUCH WORK!) You would think he'd be more cuddly or SOMETHING. Nope. As far as he is concerned, he is a wild Alaskan Tiger who lives in our house PURELY out of convenience for him.

I was a bit worried about having cats and the Bug. I did not want to be that person who freaked out about the cats BEFORE the baby came. I figured Bug would show up, and we'd see how things went. I'm pretty sure Nittany and Boone smelled him, and that was it. They are really good with him. They also know that if they want something, all they need to do is to MEOW as loud as possible when he's sleeping.

Want a treat? I ignore their plea, and they (mostly Boone) walk back towards Bug's room ans meow as loud as humanly possible until I give in and give them treats (or whatever else they want.)

Actually, now that I've written that I'm pretty sure I'm being held hostage by my cats.

In other news. You'd be proud to hear that I've brought NOTHING home from the transfer station. I actually got the lawn mower working, and cut the back yard. I was even more excited when I realized that mower is essentially brand new, and it is a $200 mower. I ended up paying $3.00 for a new spark plug and 10 minutes of my time. My other "find" that I got last Saturday has taken me ALMOST a week, but I finished it last night. I need to order hardware for it, but that will take a few weeks since Alaska in on another planet apparently. I'm not going to keep it in the garage that long, so we'll bring it in this weekend then I'll post pictures of the whole project.

Have a great weekend. We're taking Bug to see Santa tomorrow. I think that my husband and I are both excited about it...oh how our life has changed!

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