Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Baby Firsts

Bug and I were suppose to meet my friend and her little girl Tuesday morning to go swimming. She sent me a text message this morning to ask why I didn't come to swimming. Apparently my ability to read had decreased substantially since becoming a personal assistant to the Bug.

I felt really bad. I had told him that we were going tomorrow, and YES I know that a 5 month old doesn't understand what I'm saying to him, but I felt like I was letting him down. I was mad at myself and really sad about missing swimming. I decided to call the pool to see when open swim was, and there was an open swim session later on today. My hubby came home earlier than expected from a bike ride, so we grabbed all our stuff and off we went to the pool.

It is MUCH harder to wrestle change a baby to go swimming than I thought. He kept crying and looking for his dad. His babbles are getting closer to real words, and I swear he was saying "da, da, da, da" while looking for his dad. That's after this morning of him waving and we swear he was saying "hi, hi, hi, hi" but not 100%, so we won't say that has happened yet.

After wrangling the bug and handing him off to his dad, I ran and got a shower and had to wash my hair (insert sad face here - stupid Alaska state law.) When I came out they were in the pool and Bug wasn't really sure what to think about it. He was laughing and then crying. The Catholic high school football team was in the pool as well, and I was really nervous about them throwing the ball and hurting Bug. Luckily they were very conscientious of him, and stayed far away.

Bug and his "Da" 
It was really fun, but not something that I think I could do on my own. Trying to get him dried, dressed, and ready to go AND myself proved to be a bit difficult. I got Bug dressed and then took him out to his dad, then I got dressed. I think Bug liked it, but he was more interested in the balls they lifeguards gave him to play with though. Oh well.


  1. So you have to wash your hair, but it's totally legit for him to sucks on the ball?

    Geez. I will never understand.

  2. Hey girl! I couldnt respond to your comment on my blog bc there was no email address attached so I popped over to your blog! I cannot wait to take Ford swimming! I am thinking maybe this winter at my parents indoor pool at their gym!

    1. Thanks Ruthie! It's so fun. You'll love it. Advice: Have some toys that he can play with in the water. Bug got a little scared, and the toys were a good distraction. He loved it then! (Also, make sure the water is warm enough. Bug was cold, so we didn't last very long.) Thanks for stopping by!