Saturday, October 19, 2013

Santa! I KNOW him!!

We took Bug to go see Santa today. We went to the Santa Claus House in North Pole, AK. The North Pole post office receives hundreds of thousands of letters from all over the world (so said the Post Office worker who sighed a heavy sigh and hung her head when I asked her if she was ready for Christmas) so Christmas cards can have the "North Pole" stamp on the envelope. Pretty fun if I do say so myself.

I am mailing out a few letters from North Pole from Santa to my friends kids. You can also listen to a message from Santa by calling 1-800-588-4078 and pressing 5. There is a message from Santa. It's pretty cute (I only found this out because I was trying to figure out when Santa was going to be there.)     

Again, I love Christmas. I-LOVE-IT! My sweet husband put up with me saying 843 times (estimate) that I was having SO much fun. Bug just stared at everything. I was impressed with Santa. There was no camera person, no cost, just Santa. I was planning on shelling out 30$ for some crappy photo, but nope, I got to take my own crappy photos for free.

My favorite! 

Bug looks SO serious! 

He just kept staring at Santa.
Santa was awesome. There were some kids behind us, and I took one or two pictures and tried to hurry up. Santa told me that it was fine and to take as many pictures as I'd like. Everyone gets as much time as they like. The family behind me reassured me that it was okay.  These are all the pictures that I took, so I was't THAT bad.

We bought Bug this book. We are going to write down each year what he got for Christmas, and when he gets older, we'll write his letters to Santa in the book (there are lots of blank pages.) I think it will be fun for him when he gets older. We can read the book Christmas Eve, and leave the book out for Santa to read Bug's list.. When Bug gets older he can look back at everything he asked from Santa.


  1. One of my best friends from home lived in FBX for awhile and took her little girl (who is also nicknamed Bug) to the North Pole a bunch.... so jealous!

  2. He did so much better than my son - we did one screaming picture before I said enough. Wonderful pictures. :)